The Workings of a Poetic Mind: with Denise Dianaty

It was a pleasant afternoon as I came to realize that a website dedicated to moderating interesting articles and pieces across the Blogworld promoted my poem ‘Happy Women’s Day in a Perfect World’ on Twitter and their website. Ms Denise Dianaty was my fellow nominee on the poetry list for the month. Apart from authoring ‘My Life in Poetry’, she continues to share her inspirational works through blogging. Grab your cuppa and join in the discussion!!

Me: How did you start your poetic journey?

Denise: Well, I began as a visual artist. Poetry, for me, was an extension of that. As I’ve always said, “Being an artist isn’t something I do; it’s who I am.”

Me: How has poetry become a powerful agency for you?

Denise: My poetry evolved from notes I’d make for pictures I created, or for things I couldn’t fully express in an image. It was a way to fully express my life and inspiration.

Me:  Would you call yourself a confessional poet?

Denise: I write my life. I write what moves me, inspires me, frightens me, motivates me, holds me back, props me up, tears me down. Whether it’s visual art or poetry or other creative forms, the only way I know how to do them is to pour them out of myself. I don’t know if that’s confessional poetry.

Me:  What are your thoughts on contemporary poetry that focuses increasingly on introspection and personal experience? 

Denise: What? Contemporary poetry “focuses increasingly on introspection and personal experience?” Was there ever a time that art forms and poetry didn’t do that? Now, I’ve studied this — A LOT. In every era and every genre, the arts is an expression of its time AND of its author. I do think it’s a great time today to be a poet and to be able to speak with my voice, unfettered by convention and censorship.

Me:What is your recipe for the perfect/most satisfying poem?

Denise:  There has never been a ‘recipe’ for creating to my way of thinking. It’s down to opening your soul and letting all you are and all you know form your voice. Then, be willing to set it down in words or sound or image or performance. For me, my poem ‘Inspiration’ says it all”

Lollipops and raindrops
Sunflowers and sun-kissed daisies
Rolling surf and raging sea
Sailing ships and submarines
Old Glory and “purple mountain’s majesty”
Screaming guitar and lilting rhyme
Flight of fancy and high-steppin’ dances
Set free my mind to wander…
Imagine the ant’s marching journeys.
Fly, in my mind’s eye, on butterfly wings.
Roam the distant depths of space.
Unfurl tall sails and cross the ocean.
Pictures made just to enthrall
Creating images from my truth
Painting hopes and dreams on my canvas
Capturing, through my lens, the ephemeral
Let me ruminate ‘pon sensual darkness…
Tremble o’er Hollywood’s fluttering Gothics…
Ride the edge of my seat with the hero…
Weep with the heroine’s desperation.
Yet… more than all these things…
Give me words spun out masterfully…
Terms set out in meter and rhyme…
Phrases bent to rattle the soul…
Prose that always miraculously inspires me!
The trill runs up my spine, as I recall…
A touch… a caress…a whispered kiss…
Ebony eyes embracing my soul…
Two souls united in beat of hearts.
A butterfly flutter in my womb
My lover’s wonder o’er my swelling
The testament of our love given life
Newly laid in my lover’s arms
Luminous, sweet ebony eyes
Just so much like his father’s
A gaze of wonder and contentment
From my babe at mother’s breast
Words of the Divine set down for me
Faith, Hope, Love, and Charity
Grace, Mercy, and undeserved Salvation
“My Shepherd will supply my need”
These are the things that inspire me.
by D. Denise Dianaty
© 18 Septemer 2014

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