Hitting the High Notes with Elizabeth South- Part 2



Me: Has your journey to fame complemented your journey in faith?

Elizabeth: Again, I don’t know if you could truly call me famous. I think of a famous person as someone most everyone in the world has heard of. Maybe I have some small global recognition, I don’t know. I don’t see my faith as separate from anything in life that I do. I don’t believe that there is the secular versus the spiritual hats. Everything I do comes out of who I am as a person and a believer. I enjoy singing worship music, but I also believe that God has created all kinds of music to be enjoyed and that everything I do no matter what genre glorifies Him as long as I am living in obedience and love in my life to His will. If God wants me famous, then that will be so that I can touch many people with the life He has given me in whatever way He sees fit to do that. There is nothing wrong with being famous as long as you don’t think you have to be famous in order to be successful in life.

Me:  What is it like to hear your own voice on Cds and records? Many of us feel insecure when we are in the same situation 🙂

Elizabeth: Well, I honestly love listening to my own music. I think it is so cool! That’s one reason I do it. I think God has given me a good voice and I want it recorded so there can always be the memory of it in the world. It is my vocal legacy. I have my CDs in the car and listen to them often. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t record it! I’m probably my own biggest fan to be honest. Haha. But that doesn’t mean I don’t criticize my voice. When I listen to it, I am constantly thinking about how I could have made it better. In that sense I can be a little too self-critical and that is only good on some level. At some point I also have to just enjoy it and not expect myself to be perfect!
Me: You are someone very special to your audience. I have noticed that you really take care to respond to your listeners’ comments (which is lovely). Do you think this sets you apart from others? Just the fact that you like a personalised touch to your interactions with us?

Elizabeth: Well, I am so happy people feel that I am special. I have had some people express that and I thank you for telling me that!I’m not sure if I’d say that is true. I’m sure I don’t respond to every single person or comment simply because I may sometimes not see it or miss it or some days I may not have time. I try to do it as much as I am physically able when I can. Sometimes I like to write comments back to people because it just feels rude to me not to. If people are saying that I’m amazing, that they love me, etc. how can I not say thank you? But on the other hand, please understand that it is very hard to do. I often spend my time doing it when I really should be doing other things. I am not married, have no children of my own, so I am only able to do it because I have more time than many people. If I had a family or many more obligations I may not be able to keep
it up. I think what people don’t understand about superstar musicians is that they don’t write back simply because they just don’t have the time! Imagine if you had thousands of comments coming at you daily from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc? How would you possibly physically be able to answer everyone? It’s impossible and it doesn’t mean they are rude if they don’t answer. People don’t seem to get that for some reason. You have to put yourself in their shoes. You would literally have to stop everything you need to do such as tour, write music, have friends, eat, sleep, etc. just to write people messages all day. Why should we expect artists to do that? How would they have time to create and share their music if all they did was respond to messages?

I do think the famous people also don’t write back because they think it doesn’t look professional and that part I don’t agree with. Maybe that separates me from them. But I think it is also simply because they don’t have the time due to the large volumes of messages. Even on a day where I might get only as much as 100 messages, I find it extremely overwhelming and I have to sit at the computer literally all day just to do it! That would not be healthy if I had to do that all day every day. So I only do it now because what I have I can handle at the moment. The only thing I would probably guarantee if I ever did get that famous where I was overwhelmed is that I would still comment back to people on my Facebook posts. I wish Youtube were like this also.
Me: Are you aware of the fact that many of us turn to your music for comfort and inspiration? We really think that there is something special about your voice that makes ‘Don’t Give Up’, ‘Do It Afraid’, ‘I will Trust You’ and ‘I Know’ very special.

Elizabeth: I have been told that people turn to my music for comfort. I don’t know how many it is. But all I know is that I’m so grateful to know that! I am very happy that you think my voice has a special quality to it! I’d love to know what you think that quality is? That’s interesting because I did get a degree in Music Therapy. I wanted my voice and music to be healing. So what you are saying fulfills that! So wonderful!!

Me: What do you do apart from singing and teaching music?
Elizabeth: I get the most relaxation at the end of the day just curling up on the couch and watching something on T.V. I am usually content watching T.V. and movies because I love them. I love stories. I enjoy reading a good book when I have time. I also used to enjoy being with my dog Ginger who very sadly recently passed away after being paralyzed and getting kidney failure. I really miss her. I love hanging out with friends, going out to eat, and going to church. I enjoy working on projects such as developing my website, using Photoshop, or Adobe Premiere videos. I like running 2 miles every morning on the treadmill. I like eating healthy. I love hanging out with my nephew and niece almost every week. I am close to my family.

Me: Your music has a soul to it. Can this be attributed to your personal experiences?

Elizabeth : Thank you! Yes! All of my music comes from my heart. Every song I write usually comes from something I’ve either experienced or thought about deeply.


To be very frank, this interview is a dream-come-true for me. I am extremely grateful to Elizabeth for being really kind to answer all my questions. May God bless her! May she continue being an inspiration to her listeners and her students at Durham Academy.

Elizabeth on Youtube – ElizabethSouth https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYbnSS4gnyhzDhJKtI6shWA
Elizabeth’s Wikipedia Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_South

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter @elizabethsouth

For all things Elizabeth, visit http://elizabethsouth.com/

This interview was originally published on Blogger in May 2014


One thought on “Hitting the High Notes with Elizabeth South- Part 2

  1. The original post has this one comment by Lori Blackson…..

    “Elizabeth South is such a down to earth, well grounded, sensitive, caring, polite, compassionate, hard working, dedicated, inspiring, talented and beautiful person. If you listen to Elizabeth South’s music and follow her on Facebook, she really is quite transparent. Her songs reflect her life and her heart. The way she sings is graceful, insightful, meaningful, passionate, powerful and just beautiful to the senses! Her lyrics and music speak not just to the heart of the listener, but their soul. There is depth in all her music. She is gifted beyond measure, yet humble in spirit! I don’t even have words to express the uniqueness of Elizabeth South. She is just a beautiful person inside and outside. She is content with her abilities and in her life, yet pursues her dream of singing full time with passion. Whether or not her name becomes known globally or not doesn’t matter to those who have been blessed with her music and her life. We would love to see her land a big record label, but not so much for her name to be known globally, but only because people are missing out on her gift. Her voice while powerful and with a range second to none is also comforting, soothing, angelic, smooth, passionate and even healing. There is a quality to her music that I have not heard before. The music, the words, the meaning or story, whatever she is singing about comes to life when it leaves her mouth. She can’t contain the gift of music that God gave her! She has to sing! Many dream of success but most never reach their dream. Elizabeth hasn’t based becoming famous on being successful. Being successful is pursuing her dream and her heart and being content! She is already a success! A huge success! Her life is an example for others to follow. She works hard, loves hard and lives life to the fullest because she knows who she is and is comfortable in that! Her music is food for the soul. And lastly, in case it isn’t obvious, I am one of her biggest supporters! Go Elizabeth!

    Great interview Meryl Mammen Kurien! Thank you!”

    Many thanks to Lori for those lovely words 🙂 I am also grateful to Elizabeth for promoting the interview on her facebook page 🙂


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