Conducting and Conversation- part 2

Me: Do you think that the trends in Music have been changing very fast?

Dr Deva; Yes. In the early days it used to take years together for a change. Nowadays it happens at a frequent rate.

Me: Do you associate the tunes of your songs to any of your emotions?

Dr Deva; Yes. We must experience the feeling; only then the tune becomes real and is authentic to the situation. There has to be a connection between the emotions and the tune.

Me: What lessons did you learn during your musical career?

Dr Deva: I have learnt a lot and I still am learning. Self discipline is the key. Achieving success involves God’s blessing, hard work, time management, team work, the art of accepting others and continuous updating of knowledge.

Me; How did you interact with senior artists in the beginning of your career?

Dr Deva: We interacted very well. For me all are seniors. Even the children who are aired on reality shows are my seniors as they have more relevant experience than I.

Me: Did you have to make any sacrifices to follow your dreams?

Dr Deva: Yes. I had to sacrifice a lot. I had spent a lot of sleepless nights. I also had to spend time away from my family.

Me: How do you keep track of your schedule as you hold many responsibilities?

Dr Deva: I always have a “To do List” made in such a way that the smallest things don’t slip away unnoticed. The next day, I tick off the things I have done, to make sure that I have left nothing undone.

Me: Would you give us more insight on the role of the music director in the studio?

Dr Deva: My role is to compose songs and check if the tune suits the lyrics perfectly. I also give the notation for the orchestra.

Me: What is your opinion about old songs are being remade?

Dr Deva; The person who had composed the original song would only feel upset that his song has been made to lose its originality.

Me: How do you feel when you look back at the influence you had on those who are close to you?

Dr Deva: I am very happy. It is like all the birds sitting together on the branches of the banyan tree. We belong to a family of Art.

Me: What is your message to all those who want to take up music as a career?

Dr Deva: When it comes to taking music as a career, it will naturally blend with your life. Parents should not pressurize children into taking up Music if they have no taste.

Me; What is your message to all the children of India?

Dr Deva: (surprised)To all the children of India! I would only say that education should be given the first priority. Education is better than money. If you have education you can make a living. You can always tune your talents at a later stage. But formal education is not like that, so don’t compromise on it.

It was a great interview with the “Father of Gaana Genre”. With a heart full of thanks I moved out of his office room, only to find more celebrities waiting to meet him.


I hope you enjoyed the interview. This is only but a small piece of Dr Deva.There is much more to his uniqueness and it will be made evident to you through his music. I am greatly indebted to my aunt and my grandmom for facilitating the interview.

This interview was published on 19th October 2014 on Blogger. It was adapted from my interview of Dr Deva in the Times NIE edition in the year 2011


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