An Introspection With Ms Gita Das- Part 2

Me: Do you think that distance between the teacher and student is an essential factor? How far away or close must a teacher be to a student?

Mrs Gita Das : It is good to draw a thin line between the teacher and the student. Too much familiarity can destroy student-teacher relationship. The child  learns to respect  and look up to the teacher for guidance only if the ‘adult-child connection’ is maintained

Me: You are a teacher who finds your way to the student’s heart. Do you think that teachers today need a personal relationship with their students?

Mrs Gita Das: A healthy relationship is very important between a student and a teacher  . Students who have  frequent communication with their teachers do well academically , emotionally and socially .  Creating a good classroom climate is essential for the development of each child .

Me: What are the things that you feel will destroy a student?

Mrs Gita Das: Negative strokes, partiality , scorn, stifling creativity, poor knowledge of the subject from the part of the teacher is detrimental for the balanced growth of a young child .

Teachers who foster positive relationships with their students create classroom environments more conducive to learning and teaching

Me: How do you think a child’s confidence could be boosted?

Mrs Gita Das: A child’s confidence can be boosted by positive strokes and affirmations.  Stop comparing  and having stereotypes ….no two children   are the same  so teachers need to understand the similarities and the dissimilarities in her/his students.  

Me: What do you feel about the whole concept that not knowing English makes anyone a lesser mortal? It is sadly part of the education system.

Mrs Gita Das: Knowing English opens a window to the whole world but our  other  languages must never be compromised. There are many great thinkers and great men who do not know English but have made it big in their own field of learning. Take Dr Abdul Kalam for instance …is he not a  youth icon , a man above par with the rest of the so- called- English- speaking society ?

Me: How do you think that the current negatives in the education can be removed effectively?

Mrs Gita Das: Education is the means to  a social change ..
If we help our children to  grow up in a secure environment where there are no divides and differences based on religion,  language ,region, sex, color ,country  then we have won half the battle . The rest of the battle will be won if we consider the whole world as one global village where the problems of one country or people  becomes one’s own . The test of true education today is whether it is producing responsible,   global citizens not local ones. Environmental degradation, world poverty, economic crises , depletion of earth’s resources ,racism are all world issues—–only education can find a way to solve them.

Me:How about a piece of advice for aspiring teachers?

Mrs Gita Das: The oft repeated quote says ‘The best teachers teach from the heart not from  the book”.  

Make teaching interesting and  enjoyable. Cultivate sensitivity and creativity in your students.  Help the child  in the development of all aspects  of his/her traits  –physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual —- so that he or she lives productively and happily as a part of the whole human race  . Be an excellent communicator and relate to your students.


A big Thank You to Mrs Gita for patiently answering all my questions.

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